Introducing the Commercial List Statutes Feed
In partnership with Codify Legal Publishing, the Commercial List Statutes Feed was developed for commercial list litigators across Ontario to keep up with the latest legislative changes.

Free to subscribe, users of the feed will receive live email updates to all amendments affecting key statutes including the:

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act 
  • Bank Act 
  • Business Corporations Act 
  • Canada Business Corporations Act 
  • Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act 
  • Limited Partnerships Act 
  • Pension Benefits Act
  • Securities Act
  • Winding-up and Restructuring Act
  • Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act 

Codify's technology constantly monitors dozens of sources across the Canadian legislative landscape, completing two sweeps a day in order to provide subscribers with the most timely updates. 

"Our first goal as an organization is to make legal information more accessible,” says John Wu, Director of Codify Legal Publishing. “Through the development of the Commercial List Statutes Feed, we hope to empower legal professionals across the province to stay ahead of the curve on legislative changes with minimal effort, giving them the freedom to deliver even better advice to their clients.”

“The partnership between and Codify Legal Publishing is an amazing way of advancing our goal of making information about the commercial list practice accessible to everyone in one central location.  The Commercial List Statutes Feed will be a key resource to counsel practicing on the Commercial List” says Monique Jilesen, Partner at Lenczner Slaght.

Subscribe to the feed by clicking here or learn more at