Updates from the Commercial List Users' Committee
Here are some important updates from the Commercial List Users’ Committee:

  • Current judges sitting on the Commercial List include Justice McEwen (Chair), Conway, Penny, Cavanagh, and Kimmel.

  • The Commercial and Estates list will be split as of Labour Day on September 9, 2022. Justice Dietrich will lead the Estates team with Justice Gilmour also sitting on the team.

  • The Commercial List is currently booking motions for May and June, while trials are being booked a year out. There will be appointments to the Commercial List in the near future to help with the caseload. They will continue to deal with emergencies as they come. 
  • The Commercial List will do things slightly differently than the presumptive guidelines for the Civil list. While details are still being worked out, here’s what you should know:

    • Matters that are one hour or less (consent orders, scheduling issues, case conferences, etc.) will be heard virtually (no gowns required). 

    • Motions that are 90 minutes or more will be in person, subject to judicial discretion (gowns required). 

    • Materials should continue to be filed electronically only, unless specifically requested by the Court.  

  • The Commercial List is hoping to equip the Courtrooms for virtual/hybrid hearings. The COVID-19 add-ons (plexiglass, etc.) will be removed.

Look out for the Commercial List Users’ Committee newsletter later this month for more detailed updates.