Updates from the Commercial List Users' Committee
Here are some important updates from the Commercial List Users’ Committee:
    • Current judges sitting on the Commercial List will continue through to 2024: Justice Cavanagh, Conway, Kimmel, Osborne, Penny, Steele and Wilton-Siegel.

    • Current time outs are as follows:
      • Chambers Appointment – 2 Weeks Out
        Available Starting October 10, 2023
      • Short Motion – 7 Weeks Out
        Available Starting November 14, 2023
      • Long Motion – 9 Weeks Out
        Available Starting November 27, 2023
      • Trial – Over 1 Year Out
        Available Starting January 2025
      • Urgent Trial (10 Days or Less) – 1 Year Out
        Available Starting September 2024
    • General practice tips from the Court:
      • Counsel should consult the Updated Practice Directive (updated as of June 2023) and note that several Commercial List forms have also been updated.
      • Counsel are encouraged to use Aide Memoirs for case conferences briefly stating the purpose of the appearance and whether the matter being addressed is on consent.
      • The Court continues to receive materials with broken hyperlinks. Counsel should triple check that the links in their materials are functioning prior to their hearing.
      • Counsel should note the distinction between scheduling appointments (15 min) and case conferences. Uncontested matters must be addressed at case conferences and not at scheduling appointments.