Documentary Production: What You Need To Prove Your Case
Documentary production is critical to understanding what evidence exists to support—or undermine—your client’s case. Yet many lawyers are still copying their requests from old firm precedents and running the risk of filing requests with limited strategic value and scope.

Before you start pasting old language into your next production request, join us on March 3 for our all-new program, Documentary Production: What You Need to Prove Your Case. Discover best practices for drafting requests, gathering documents, responding strategically to the other side’s request, and managing your client through the process. Leading litigators will share their top tips for navigating the strategic and ethical considerations of production issues, while adjudicators get candid about what they want to see—and what they do not want to see—in submissions for orders.

Find out how you can maximize the impact of your next production request and take full advantage of this critical instrument in your advocacy tool belt.