INSOL International
INSOL’s Annual Conference 2020

Everywhere we turn we are told that Times are uncertain, things are volatile, issues are complex, and matters are ambiguous. With the world in flux, and economies wobbling, we expect the services provided by the insolvency and restructuring profession to be in significant demand in the coming months and years. Our profession will aim to build order out of financial chaos, either helping creditors to recoup at least some of their capital, or to help business owners to avert corporate collapse. We will continue to try to create a better outcome than would otherwise have been the case absent our interventions, skills and efforts.

Against that background, let us welcome you to INSOL’s Annual Conference 2020, hosted here in the dramatic city of Cape Town, where our theme is ‘Learn, Unlearn, Relearn’. Our theme has given rise to a technical programme that will help you to challenge your thinking, to acquire new skills, to build new connections, and allow you to spend ‘thinking time’ considering the significant issues of our day – noting that what has worked in the past may no longer work, hence the need for a new approach based on our theme.

Enjoy the conference, participate fully, and take away all the value you can. As a profession, we are going to need to be alert to respond to the global trend toward increasing instability and uncertainty. Where outcomes are unpredictable and the context is fast-changing, we need to be agile thinkers capable of matching genuinely credible solutions with our clients’ rapidly evolving needs. As well as our relevant and stimulating programme, we also invite you to take some time to enjoy the city of Cape Town – a fascinating mix of beauty and splendour contrasted with hardship and a complex history. Make sure you get an opportunity to experience some of what the city and surrounds have to offer.

Finally, a word of thanks to our main sponsors: Borrelli Walsh, Lipman Karas, Norton Rose Fulbright and RSM.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cape Town and the conference. 

Felicity Toube QC, South Square

Stefan Smyth, PwC