Effective Mediation Advocacy a Masterclass for Junior and Mid-Career Lawyers
Join experienced mediator and settlement counsel, Mitchell Rose, in this masterclass. 

A former civil litigator, he will explore the following issues:

  • 40 tips for excelling at mediation advocacy in civil disputes
  • Recent case law, legislation and Rules of Professional Conduct you need to know about
  • When – and when not – to mediate
  • Choosing the right mediator for your case
  • The hidden dangers lurking mediation agreements and what to do about them
  • Effective preparation and managing client expectations
  • How to write a persuasive Mediation Brief
  • Mastering joint (plenary) sessions—even if you dislike them
  • Neutralizing personal attacks and bullies
  • Settlement offer essentials
  • Building your resilience for when you are caught off-guard
  • When to stay and when to walk away
  • Why “Minutes Matter”
  • Getting more value from your mediator